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FL 7000


Our Woodford FL 7000 Series are a professional quality flatbed trailers with a robust bolted construction.

This trailer series has three axles for enhanced driving stability and a special hydraulic tilt bed for a superb loading angle of 15°.

Our FL 7000 Series Flatbed Trailers feature:

  • 3 Axles
  • Electric Winch (2041kg)
  • Wireless & Wired Remote for Winch
  • Hydraulic Hand Pump Tilt Bed
  • Secure Locking Al-Ko Hitch
  • Spare Wheel

Also available

In 5500mm & 6100mm lengths (bed) & Loads up to 2620kg/Gross: 3500kg
Call for prices.

Our price includes:

  • Full European Type Approval
  • Fully registered in France with all the paperwork
  • On-delivery training, so you can use your trailer safely!
  • As the Official French supplier of Woodford Trailers, we provide a comprehensive 3 year After Sales Service on all models purchased from us from the date of first registration in France.

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Front Elevation - FL7000
Side Elevation - FL7000
  • B Bed Width: 2220 mm
  • C Bed Length: 4870 mm
  • ! Load: 2670 kg
  • E External Width: 2220 mm
  • F External Length: 6225 mm
  • ! Gross: 3500 kg
Woodford Trailers France